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Baby ImaginArt

Baby ImaginArt

Want an exciting photo of your baby that is truly unique? Consider Baby ImaginArt by Angela Forker

Inspired by Adele Enersen's similar floor setups, Angela is calling her elaborately designed setups "Baby ImaginArt". Each creative, unique scene is carefully "painted" with fabric and other objects, making a whimsical, one of a kind backdrop created just for your baby!

Parents are driving 2-4 hours to have their baby photographed in a custom designed scene!

People around the world have been writing articles about it! Here are some quotes: says, “These newborn photos are pure magic."

Huff Post says, “These creative newborn photos are adorably whimsical.”

Baby Center says, “Indiana photographer Angela Forker is a master at capturing newborns. Forker, who has spent many years perfecting classic and modern newborn photography, has recently started creating unique individualized photos — and they are awesome.”

Click on the video below to see even more amazing Baby ImaginArt photos!

Baby ImaginArt by Angela Forker

Anything is possible!


Precious Baby Photography is proud to introduce Baby ImaginArt, for babies 0-3 months old. "ANYthing is possible!"

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