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  • Where is your studio?
    Precious Baby Photography is an in-home studio in New Haven, Indiana, just outside of Fort Wayne.
  • Where can I find your prices?
    Please see Session and the different pages under it for details on pricing. For more detailed newborn pricing, please send a message through the Contact Form.
  • Do you offer digital images?
    Yes, each package or collection comes with a certain amount of digital images. Please see the different Session pages for more details.
  • Can I order prints of the digital images I get from you?
    Yes, you will receive a printing release which will allow you to make your own prints. Please remember that images are not to be altered in any way, as they are copyright protected and are a reflection of the photographer's artistic style.
  • How long will it take for me to get my digital images?
    Digital images are ready within 2-3 weeks of your session.
  • How do I receive my digital images?
    Once your images have all been edited, they are uploaded to a photographer's share site. From there you simply download them to your device and are free to have prints made.
  • Do you offer prints?
    Yes, most packages and collections come with professional, high quality prints and other exceptional products. Please see Sessions and the page of the category you are interested in for more details.
  • Can I substitute products in the collections/packages?
    Yes! All collections and packages may be customized to your desires.
  • When should I book my newborn session?
    It is best to book your session while you are still pregnant.
  • How old should my baby be for his/her newborn session?
    For the most beautiful newborn photos, baby should be under 10 days old--maximum 14 days.
  • My baby is older than 2 weeks old. Can I still do a newborn session?
    For newborns older than 14 days, it is more challenging to do a newborn session, as baby may stay awake more and may not want to curl into the beautiful positions typical to classic newborn photography. We may need to wrap baby more or try different poses. A smaller collection (package) is generally recommended for older newborns. If your baby does well, you will always have the option to upgrade your collection.
  • Do you photograph older babies?
    Yes, Precious Baby captures babies' milestones through their first year, offering an exciting Cake Smash, Splash and Bash for their first year celebration! The more you book with Precious Baby, the more free products you earn! Please see Watch Me Grow and Cake Smash under Session for more details.
  • Do I need to bring my own props?
    While you are welcome to bring in a special prop or heirloom to your session, it is not necessary, as Precious Baby has a huge assortment of props and accessories to choose from!
  • Can family members be in the photos with the baby?
    Yes, photos of babies with parents and siblings are greatly encouraged. Precious Baby is not the place to get family photos, but if requested, up to 4 people can be in the photo with baby.
  • When should I book my maternity session?
    Maternity sessions are best done at 7 months, when you have a nice, pregnant belly, but do not feel overly bulky.
  • Where can I find reviews and testimonials of your services?
    For great 5 star ratings and reviews of Precious Baby Photography, visit the Facebook Page, Precious Baby: Newborn Photography by Angela Forker, by clicking on the Facebook icon.
  • Why are your prices so high?
    Newborn Photography: An Investment with Great Rewards! For anyone who has looked into having newborn photography done by a professional, you may be surprised by the cost. Why is it so high, anyway? I would like to explain that to you today. First of all, newborn photography is a luxury. Each session is exclusively designed around you and your desires! Before your baby is even born, we meet together to plan your shoot. I customize your session so that it is everything YOU want it to be. I then spend 3-4 hours setting up for your session. I crank up the heat and I wait in excitement for you to come to my home studio with your precious new bundle of joy. (I often can’t sleep the night before, because I am so excited about the shoot!) When you come for your session, it won’t just be a 20 minute photo shoot. Almost every full session lasts 3-4 hours. I have so many exciting props and unique setups (many which I have created myself!!!) and I want to be sure that you have a great variety of beautiful poses that you will cherish for a lifetime! And it’s not about quantity; it’s all about quality. I patiently work at little details, such as the perfect placement of your baby’s tiny fingers. It’s those details that set apart your photos from others and make them timeless pieces of art! Another reason the photo session lasts so long is that I need to be sure that your baby is sound asleep before I start taking his or her photos. And sometimes, that takes time—a lot of time—and patience! We also allow for time to fill up baby’s belly when he or she gets hungry. I am often sweaty and exhausted by the end of the session, but even the most challenging sessions have been rewarded with gorgeous photos of that sweet little baby. After the session is over, the parents are free to linger as long as they like, as I will be putting everything away and laundering my blankets for the next couple of hours. If all of that sounds exhausting, this is only the beginning! Now I will spend a couple of hours going through all of those photos and finding the VERY BEST of them for you! I will work for AT LEAST another 20 hours, carefully editing them so that they are absolutely perfect for you! But don’t worry—I try to have at least one sneak peak up on my Facebook page by the end of the first night! So when you consider the high cost of newborn photography, remember that after I give a third of my payment to Uncle Sam (unfortunately), I will also invest a good portion of that money to buy more exciting props and equipment, as well as paying for any high quality prints and products you may have ordered. In the end, I will have invested a portion of that money and 30-40 hours of labor into your baby’s photos. So as you can see, newborn photography is an investment…for me and for you! But it is an investment with great rewards!!! Lovingly capturing beautiful photos of your precious baby for you.
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