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Announcing the launch of my first book!

Walking with Shepherd:
Inspirational Stories from the Pasture
Written by Angela Forker
Photos by Angela Forker, Charity Slone and
Rick Forker


Our Good Shepherd is not an elusive character, leaving His flock alone to graze the fields of chaos and peril. He is a Master Caretaker who tends to us—His sheep—with a level of attentiveness and diligence that is almost incomprehensible. 

Angela Forker’s Walking with the Shepherd is a nostalgic collection of short stories documenting countless lessons she learned from a shepherd during her time in Italy and the uncanny parallels between the shepherd and his flock and THE Shepherd and His flock! You will learn:

• How our similarities to sheep make a strong case for our need for Jesus. 

• How Jesus pursues us when we stray from the flock. 

• How Jesus’s discipline protects us from danger and draws us near to Him. 

• How Jesus tenderly responds to our dependence on Him. 


The voice of your Good Shepherd is calling you. 

Will you come to Him? 

ANGELA FORKER is the pastor’s wife at Passion Church Assemblies of God in New Haven, Indiana. She is also a newborn photographer and founder of the Precious Baby Project and the After the Abortion photography series. Between these two projects, God has used Angela’s photography to touch millions of lives worldwide. 


Before becoming a newborn photographer, Angela, her husband and their three daughters were missionaries to Germany and Italy from 2000-2014. During her time overseas, Angela befriended an elderly shepherd in the fields in northern Italy. It was that friendship and those photos that inspired this book.

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