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Precious Baby Project

Thank you for your interest in The Precious Baby Project.

To see my complete gallery of photos for this project, please look up The Precious Baby Project under the portfolio section of the website.

It is my desire to spread hope and raise awareness for babies with special needs as I take stunning and/or fun photos of babies with various medical needs. I want to show the world that every baby is precious!

The following message is for parents interested in having their baby participate in The Precious Baby Project:

Please read through this information carefully. If you agree with the terms, please send me another message with the requested information below.

First of all, I ask you to forgive my ignorance if any of my wording isn’t quite right. While I have done some research, it seems like almost any term can be taken offensively. It is my wish to be a blessing, not to offend anyone!

Last year my photography got international attention because of my Baby ImaginArt scenes. These scenes feature babies as beautiful works of art, or as doing impossible things. My motto for my Baby ImaginArt scenes is “anything is Possible!”

Recently, it has been on my heart to raise awareness for the beauty of life, even when life looks a bit different than we expected.

Just a bit of a back story here…In 2017, a family in our church was expecting a baby. During the pregnancy they received a frightening diagnosis: their baby had the most severe form of Holoprosencephaly. There was no cure. Their baby would probably die before her due date or would at least be stillborn. They were strongly advised to abort. Instead they made the decision to accept this baby as she was and to allow her to live as long as she could. It was a bittersweet journey with this couple. They loved their baby so much and couldn’t wait for her birth. She defied all the odds and lived through the birth and made it another 15 days. While she may have looked different than other people’s babies, it didn’t even phase her parents. All they saw was Madalyn’s unique, captivating beauty. They adored their baby girl! When she was born, they wrote on their Facebook page, “She is perfect!” They cherished every moment they had with her. And on the day of her funeral, we released 15 balloons, celebrating the 15 beautiful days we were blessed to have her in our lives. Her parents showed the world that every life is beautiful and that every baby deserves to be cherished. And so it is in beautiful Madalyn’s memory that I would like to launch “The Precious Baby Project…Because every baby is precious!”

And now it is my mission to show the world what you already know: that every life is beautiful—and deserves to be loved.

While some babies may come into the world differently than their parents had expected, they are no less precious than any other baby. And while some may have great medical issues, with hope and a miracle or two, they may defy the odds and accomplish the impossible! That is what I hope to portray, as I photograph these precious little ones in these beautiful and whimsical scenes. “anything is Possible!”

If you would like to have your baby participate in The Precious Baby Project, here are a few guidelines: 

1) Your baby has a serious medical condition.

2) Your baby must be able to lie down on their back for 15-30 minutes. (Give or take, depending on how easy it is to get their photo.)

3) Your baby must not be rolling over yet. Preferably baby should be under 1 year, but some exceptions may be made, if baby is still quite small and not rolling over. 

4) ***You must be willing to sign a commercial model release form, as these photos will be used to raise awareness by various means which could include commercial uses. 

5) You understand that your compensation will be the amazing Baby ImaginArt digital image you will receive electronically. You will actually receive 2 digital images: one of your baby in the Baby ImaginArt scene and some type of portrait of your baby. (Depending on how your baby can be handled/moved.) 

6) I am asking that parents would be the ones to place their baby in the scene, and to also sign a form that will not hold me accountable for any bodily harm of baby while in my studio. 

7) If your baby has tubes, wires or any other “accessories”, please make me aware of this, as I would love to incorporate it into the scene, even featuring it, if possible!

If you are in the Fort Wayne area (or are willing to travel), and you agree to these terms and would like for your baby to be considered to participate in The Precious Baby Project, ****please send me your full name, phone number and email address, as well as your baby’s photo and a description of his/her medical condition. 

Please be aware that since I do these sessions at no cost to the parents, I can only accept a limited amount of participants. Also, I am trying to capture as great a variety of medical conditions as possible. If I feel that your baby is a good fit, I will be sure to get back in touch with you!

Thank you for helping me spread hope while I raise awareness of how precious these little ones are!

Kind regards,



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